This innovative new idea for building a story, line by line, day by day, was hatched by Ionia Martin and Julian Froment.

The Idea

We will be telling a story day-by-day, one sentence at a time. We ask that people contribute their ideas for the next sentence in the story in the comments on the Line By Line blog. We will choose the best sentence and add the contributor’s blog address after it for others to see and click on.

The story will only grow by one sentence each day, so we will pick our favourite.

The only rules are, you must limit it to ONE sentence and it must keep the story moving forward. We will post the story as it grows on an alternate page at the end of every week.

Actually, there is one other rule, or guideline. Call it what you will. All suggestions must be in by 06:00 PST of the next morning. This will allow us to decide upon a sentence and post it for that day.

So, talented and creative friends and fellow bloggers of ours, let us get this started and see where it goes.

We look forward to your creativity!

Plus side: It will never take you long to read our posts. *bonus*


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