The Year Long Story, Sentence #29

John W. Howell

Taking the elixir from him my hand is shaking so badly I miss my mouth and the soothing syrup runs like a river through my cleavage to my belly.


3 thoughts on “The Year Long Story, Sentence #29

  1. Reblogged this on Julian Froment's Blog and commented:

    We are up to sentence 29 of ‘The Year Long Story’, now. The latest sentence was contributed by John Howell. Come and join in the fun and contribute to an exciting story. Methinks this could begin to get a little racy, or steamy, now. I like this potential new direction.

  2. It was then that I noticed the spanish tight rope walker I had met earlier beside Randolph, his heart stopping brown eyes looking concerned he reached down and wiped up the sticky syrup with his thick, masculine fingers.

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