The Year Long Story: Sentence Three


The left slipper is an old familiar, a Christmas present from my boyfriend, but the right slipper is new to me and so unlike something I would own given my overwhelming aversion to sequins and the colour fuschia.

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16 thoughts on “The Year Long Story: Sentence Three

  1. For a moment I almost succumbed to the horror of it all but uncontrollable laughter erupted from my painted red lips knowing he would laugh too, a full on hearty laugh with his hand on his belly as always like his guts were about to spill out unto the sidewalk and it would be just the ice breaker we needed after our seventeen year absence.

  2. Fortunately, after the night I had the flamboyant footwear is the last of my worries; unfortunately, after the night I had I don’t have even know if that boyfriend is even my boyfriend anymore.

  3. My knuckles were bruised, somewhere in the back of my mind was a stripper’s club, and my boyfriend with a blonde sitting in his lap, but it was all so very distorted, these images.

  4. The color awoke a feeling; a distant memory of a faraway time, now eerily close, reminding me I no longer recognized myself- As if caught in some dream sequence the memories flooded in, haunted and tired, suddenly aware of the crisp asphalt beneath my feet, the sound of the train whistle blaring its departure, the hiss of the sun arising over the skyline, the rare stillness hanging in the air before dawns break, and I froze in the realization that in this moment I was haunted from a past I couldn’t seem to escape, no matter how far I ran.

  5. I had made painstakingly detailed plans, even more so than usual, to carry out this contract, but even with my head pounding, I knew that drawing attention to myself this way was going to be a problem.

  6. The colour hadn’t seemed so garish in the dark but no matter how distracting the mismatched pair seemed it would have been harder to explain the bloodstains.

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