The year long story

I absolutely, positively, completely cannot believe this happened.


*This is the first sentence of the story. Now you guys decide what happens next. Only one sentence allowed.


102 thoughts on “The year long story

  1. I heard it first; a rumbling coming out of the distance, growing louder and louder second by second, until, looking up, I saw a brilliant light hurtling across the sky, fire and vapour in it’s vast wake.

  2. First the headache, and now, here I am, standing in the main street of town, after a two hour train trip, and now, only now, I see I am still wearing my slippers – even worse, two different slippers.

  3. Mother always told me that it would fall off if I played with it too much, but staring down at my severed penis floating in the toilet water was a surreal awakening.

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